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Urios College Grade School

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The Urian Graders is the official school paper of the Urios College Grade School. In the 21st century, the Class of 2006 will make headway and mark the first publication in the web.

Samantha Fe M. Solidum
Charlene J. Laurente
Lawrence Wilmer P. Anatalio
Lucille Veronica D. Juni
Rachel Nabuya
Stephanie Jill B. Dapatnapo
Daniel Leandro R. Dela Torre
Louie Anthony L. Lovete
Maria Tara C. Zamora
Lorivic Noelene G. Monteclaro
Beatriz Ruth R. Dela Torre
Charmaine C. Jaban
Marian B. Lauro
Mikaela Kariz P. Catral
John Henry C. Lumayag

Comeback soon for more. Starting January 2006, this site will be updated every week till graduation.